Electric hand Pallet truck EH-2

The CONHERSA rough terrain electric pallet truck EH-2 is designed to move pallets in irregular areas especially in the building sector.
It is appropriately homologated, meets the requirements and rule of the EC.
Essential features:Transpaleta eléctrica EH-2

  • Electrical movement (forward – backward) and lifting
  • To protect from damage and impacts from the construction works, batteries and engines are sheltered in metallic boxes and cables, in sheltered tubes.
  • Connection with security key
  • Absence of contamination, as well as environmental acoustics; no sounds, no smoke.
  • Security brake (according to standards) to avoid entrapment or accidents.
  • Easy maintenance. Just connect the batteries at night to the electricity network and the charge it will be more than enough for whole day working at its full capacity. We supplied with batteries charger.
  • Fast return: bricks distribution time slashed. The speed and easy operation turn it to almost essential.

  • Load capacity: 1,200 kg.
  • Lifting height: 200 mm.
  • Maximum pallet width: 1,200 mm.
  • Outside dimensions:
    • Width: 1,640 mm.
    • Length: 1,430 mm.
    • Height: 800 mm.
  • Weight: 262 kg.
  • Drive motor: 500 W.
  • Lift motor: 800 W.
  • Battery capacity: 60 Ah.

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